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House Plan for 50 x 65 Feet Plot Size 333 Square Yards (Gaj)

Plan Code: AB 30175

Contact: info@archbytes.com

If you wish to change room sizes or any type of amendments, feel free to contact us at info@archbytes.com Our expert team will contact to you.

You can buy this plan at Rs 9,999 and get detailed working drawings, door & windows Schedule for Construction.

Additional Working drawings such as Structure drawings, plumbing, Electrical drawings, 2D Elevation designs, 3D Views, Ceiling & Flooring designs are available at Nominal Price.

50*65 feet house plan


Key Specifications :

Plot Size 50 x 65 feet (333 Square Yards)
Plot Width 50 Wide Feet ( 15 meter)
Plot Length 65 Wide Feet ( 30 meter )
Built up Area1840 Square feet
Bed Room 4
Drawing Area 4
Kitchen 1
ParkingBike Only

This is just a basic over View of the House Plan for 50 x 65 Feet. If you any query related to house designs feel free to Contact us at info@archbytes.com

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